For Savers and Spenders in NYC

Last night after succumbing to my husband’s need to binge watch the third season of Walking Dead, I craved non-gory visuals to ease me into my pre Monday sleep. I decided to watch Suze Orman’s 92nd Street Y talk which was being presented on NYC TV. While we need to take celebrity consultant advice with a grain of salt and diversify where we are getting our information from, Orman does an amazing job of making financial terms comprehendible by a general mass audience.  After hearing her thoughts on Roth IRAs versus Traditional IRAs and student loan debt, I decided to purchase two of her books. Once they come in, I will give a full review. Until then, check out the talk she gave four years ago at Google.


Sharing is Caring.


The “sharing economy,” is the darling term of late 2014. It describes a platform built around the sharing of human and physical resources. For instance, connects those looking for visual content with content creators; AirBnB connects those looking for housing with homeowners and renters; Craigslist connects those looking for a variety of things, from a West Elm sofa to a cuddle buddy with those offering the item or service.

In my quest to understand the socio-economic and political implications of a term that first appeared in the mid-2000s, I came across this article in The Economist. As security worries diminish, the sharing economy is disrupting the way we consume and will continue to change our shopping/planning habits.