Tech Execs are the New Fashion Designers

In an apparent response to Bendgate, retailers like Uniqlo and J. Crew have started to look at enlarging the pockets on their pants to accommodate the iPhone 6 Plus. While this may seem like brands bending to the whim of Apple, it demonstrates a growing trend of technology influencing fashion.

True & Co. uses data derived from surveys and questionnaires, to define physical details that are crucial to a correctly fitting bra. Most coat designers have included an iPod pocket in their linings since the product was released in 2001. Gloves are made with touch points that resemble finger prints so we don’t have to remove them to text. And let’s not even get into the new sector of Smart Apparel including workout shirts that are able to detect muscle effort.

While some fashionistas dreaming of vintage Chanel may be frightened by the impact that technology is having on the fashion industry, I welcome the trend and am excited to see what’s next.


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