Style Icon: Jenna Lyons

With this seriesI’d like to feature my many inspirations for style. Often, my students, friends or colleagues ask what drives my personal style. Not sure why, as I don’t think of myself as being avant-garde, but I do appreciate an opportunity to talk through what informs my style purchase decisions.

Let’s start with the icon for millennial women in New York City: Jenna Lyons.

Jenna has been influencing J. Crew’s designs since 1990. She is unafraid to pair menswear with a red lip, her signature thick- framed tortoiseshell glasses and a boss attitude. To learn more about Jenna and see some of her favorite finds, click the links below:

A day in the life featured in Harper’s Bazaar.

Why Jenna is the boss we should all strive to be.

How to roll the sleeves of your shirt like Jenna.

“There’s sexiness in not trying to be  sexy. 

Jenna’s beauty routine. 



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