5 Reasons Why I Run (None of Which Are Weight Related)


942724_10201120555751908_1120161272_nAt the age of sixteen, I began many failed attempts to get into running. I just could not overcome the three-mile hump or the consistency that one needs to approach the task of starting a new hobby. Last summer things changed. My good friend Justin convinced me to join him in a 10k and once I ran past the 3 mile obstacle that had haunted me in the past, I fell in love with running.

1. I run to clear my head.

When I’m at the gym and lifting weights, I’m always tempted to check my phone. And most likely I will. I text, I browse, I ‘pin.’ When I run, I can only focus on my breathing, what is in front of me and my pace. Focusing on just three things allows my brain space to work through other thoughts and ideas.

2. I run to help my heart and my sugar levels.

My heart is a muscle, and it gets stronger and healthier with every mile I run. Additionally cardiovascular exercise has great benefits for those who have a family history of diabetes.

3. I run for energy.

Simply put, on the days I don’t run I feel sluggish, tired, and irritable. Perhaps it’s because my head is not clear or because my body is going through pavement withdrawals. Even though I can be exhausted before a run, once I tie up my Newton laces and hit the bike path with my feet, I immediately feel a surge of energy.

4. I run to tour my city or any new cities.

There is no better way to be a tourist than to run a few miles around a new city (or a new part of your city). This summer I ran along the ocean in Rio, in the countryside of St. Remy, and the charming streets of Savannah.

5. I run because I can.

I am so fortunate that despite a knee surgery, my two legs are in great shape. Might as well use them.


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