Past. Future. Present.

Susan and Karina in Provence from Karina Greenberg on Vimeo.

Prancing in Lavander Fields

I returned to my favorite yoga studio yesterday. It had been a long two months since I was last there and my body was craving a little goddess pose. I had never been to Rachel’s class before but will most definitely be going back. In addition to being a great instructor, reminding her dedicated yogis about small adjustments we could make to improve our poses, she had an unforgettable message at the beginning of class.

“The past is already done. We cannot change it. The future is always changing. We cannot control it. The present is now, so make the most of it. Be present.”

As we delve further and further into this odd world of adulthood, we often times forget to be present. Helpful reminders like Rachel’s can serve as mantras in those times where we are focusing on the past and stressing about our futures.


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