Go To Vendors: Upholstery

Whether it’s on pillows, windows, or furniture, upholstery is a very easy and effective way to revamp a space. While it can be inexpensive when shopping through discount bins, good upholstery fabric tends to topple a home decorator’s budget. And when it comes to reupholstering a piece of a furniture, you often pay double for the work than what you did for the fabric. This is why I like building relationships with local vendors. Shopping locally is not only an economically responsible gesture, but it often yields the best discounts. These are my go to vendors.

IMG_1803Fabric City Inc

Not only does Eric curate an impeccable selection of fabrics, but his small shop in Corona, Queens is also the go to for the set designers of many hit shows, including Boardwalk Empire. Eric has helped me choose fabric that makes sense in a home shared by a couple with conflicting tastes. He also has a Rolodex of seamstresses and upholsters that he works with and recommends.

Sophy’s Upholstery 

Eric recommended Sophy’s to me when I was reupholstering our breakfast nook cushions. They have since completed numerous reupholstering projects for me, including a facelift for these $40 Italian chairs I found on Craigslist.


My Local Dry Cleaner

One way to change a space, specifically a seating area, is with pillows. With a yard of fabric you can produce two 18X18 pillows. Simply ask your local dry cleaner how much it would cost to make pillow covers with invisible zippers. My dry cleaner charges $10 per pillow.


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