My Running Companions

Last year during a 10k that I did not train for I became a runner. It was the longest distance I had ever run (straight through) and even though my pace was slow (11.3 min miles to be exact), I was not miserable. I was simply enjoying the fact that I had a body that was allowing me to run. Since that first race, I have been running weekly. Recently, I signed up for a half marathon and had to increase my training. I typically run 4-5 times a week with long distance runs (anything above 5 miles) reserved for the weekends.

I run best with music but I hate iPhone armbands. Instead I use a pouch. Yes, that’s right: a fanny pack. But instead of looking like my mother’s hot pink accessory that she would sport at theme parks in the 90s, it looks like a heart rate monitor. Of course, it has to be neon green.


I also like to run with wireless headphones. Also neon green.


I like to run in or near public parks where I know there will be working water fountains. I need to drink a lot of water when running and if I know I will encounter a stretch where water will not be available, I bring it with me. This is my favorite clip on water bottle.


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