Buying Better.

Having lived almost a third of my life, I’ve come to embrace frugality. Not in a, “well you ordered a drink so you owe…” kind of way when splitting a check at lunch, but in a, “do I really need those shorts when October is right around the corner,” perspective.

While I have not fully adopted a minimalist approach to living like this brave soul, I have become more conscious of where my products are coming from and whether or not they are produced in an ethical and sustainable manner.

Online vendor, Accompany is one retailer that fully embraces a thoughtful approach to shopping. They scour the globe to find unique items that you can feel good about purchasing. By selecting pieces that are handmade, limited-edition, or one-of-a-kind, Accompany is aiding in the preservation of indiginous crafting techniques. Additionally they seek to work with partners whose business model offers financial assistance towards a human cause, in the form of donations, low-interest loans, training programs, and infrastructure building projects. Below are just a few of my favorite pieces (all under $100).

Accompany Faves

1. Coconut Shell Pattern Ceramic Vases; $32

2. Wine Tote; $88

3. Mika Hat; $98

4. Kenyatas; $75

5. Kadriye Earrings; $78

6. Olivewood Salad Servers with Bone Handles; $32

*30% OFF your entire purchase today only! Use code AUGUST30 at checkout.




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